10 Most Friendly Dog Breed In South Africa

Dogs are a friend to man! They would say but there are some dog breeds that are more friendly then others right?

You can’t compare the breed that was associated with wolves to the Normal cute looking dogs. One is more friendly than the other.

We would start the count down of the 10 Most Friendly Dog Breed In South Africa below!

1. Beagle

Beagle dog is just one lovely dog that’s very friendly and loyal, the cute looks alone would get you’d drolling with love for this dog. That also have a strong character in developing bond with members of the family.

2. Pug

This is the kind of dog you want to have as a companion dog, they are mainly bred for that purpose and always want to be around families. They are the kind of dog you want to leave with your kids at home.

3. Irish Setter

Yes this dog is large and has a thick coat, but they have a very good temperament, lively and playful. That want to always be played with and be with the family.

4. Collie

Looking at the picture alone you can see the joy in this dog, the Collie breed is that one breed that has a lot of joy, it is loyal, gentle and very protective of its owner.

The intelligence of this dog is top notch and when well trained they tend to remain quiet indoors.

5. Poodle

Poodle are one cute dog, friendly and affectionate they are one of the best dog that can be the best friend to every kid. They have that special love for children.

6. Cavailer dog

This breed of dogs, can’t be left at home because they’d love to follow you everywhere you go. It is one of the best companion dogs out there.

7. Newfoundland

This dog can typically serve as your garden dog and they are gentle and have a nice temperament. But be advised your supervision is required when this dog are around kids.

8. Havanese

That dog that is jealous when your not giving it attention, yes this is the dog breed. They live family and want to be with you always, so long separation of this breed from family can affect it badly.

9. Labrador Retriever

This is your typical playful catch dog, it wants you to throw item at it and catches them.

This breed can go for hiking with you, swimming and even jogging.

10. Golden Retriever


One thing to love with these dog is they are friendly and even friendly with strangers.

They are a devoted family dog and this dog when trained properly wouldn’t chew your stuff up.

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